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How we helped Onnit develop marketing funnels that increased conversion rates by 470%, attracted worldwide demand and had its inventory sell out in less than 60 days.
Increase in AOV
Conversion Rate
Sales Volume
The Brand: Onnit

Onnit’s mission is to inspire peak performance through a combination of unique products and actionable information. By combining bleeding-edge science, earth-grown nutrients, and time-tested strategies from top athletes and medical professionals, Onnit provides customers with supplements, foods, and fitness equipment to help them achieve a new level of well-being they call: TOTAL HUMAN OPTIMIZATION.

The Product: Alpha Brain

Alpha BRAIN® is a dietary supplement that helps support cognitive functions, including memory, mental speed, and focus.

Read more about Onnit and Alpha Brain (AB).

The Goal

Increase Alpha Brain’s sales globally by developing a mixture of direct response marketing funnels intended to vastly improve full-funnel performance and conversions.

The Constraints
  • Onnit has a vast catalogue of products that entice shopping, not immediate purchase
  • Marketing content & media buying assets were dated or fatigued
  • Bureaucratic ad approval process that could prevent an expedited scaling opportunity
  • Limited bandwidth of developer resources to optimize for performance
Objectives & Tactics
Develop customized marketing funnels that increase conversion rate by a minimum of 5%
  • Initially, conduct a rigorous QA & CRO audit to ensure the funnels are frictionless and present an expedited path to purchase
  • Develop 3 unique Alpha Brain (AB) marketing funnels - differentiated by angle concept and path to purchase variations
  • Split test the unique funnel formats and apply frequent optimization enhancements to drive performance
Create front-end ads to improve engagement and drive CTRs
  • Develop ads, presells, landing page and a vast amount of sales copy designed to educate consumers around biohacking principles, the credibility of Alpha Brain and how Onnit’s celebrity ambassadors were embracing the Total Human Optimization movement
  • Restored and modernized outdated AB marketing content into more engaging paid media assets that aligned with the angles
  • Leveraged Onnit’s celebrity and ambassador partnerships to create new video content for ads
Develop a product bundle & upsell strategy that increases Average Order Value (AOV)
  • Maintain existing pricing structure but utilize direct response tactics to incentivize customers to purchase more expensive packages
  • Build Upsell sequences for a minimum of 3 complimentary products post-purchase of AB transaction
Increase the number of paid channels and markets AB is sold
  • Initially build the campaign on Facebook & Instagram, then scale to other channels when profitable
  • Recruit and partner with media buyers and teams in YouTube, Snap, Native & Google Display
  • Scale campaigns internationally, with a focus on English-international geos
Find a solution to get our ads approved quicker
  • Develop a streamlined process and workflow with Onnit’s legal team, composed of iterative templates, Slack and Asana
Traffic Channels Used
Keys Results
Increase in Conversion Rates
Increase in Aggregate Online Sales
Increase in Average Order Value
Sales Volume Generated Outside FB & IG
Emails Generated & Counting
Lift in Sales to
Lift in Amazon Sales

"Working with the pros at Carousel has been fantastic, they feel like an extension of our team. The media buyers they have in their network are top-notch… Even with our strict brand guidelines, we’ve been able to come up with angles that convert and creative that pops! The revenue and volume they have been able to deliver continue to make waves within our business."

Paul Kalka, Senior Growth Manager, ONNIT
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